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Importance of Reading Books in our Life

There's a wise saying "Books are our best friends" which is completely true. The joy of reading books would be difficult to explain in words but needs to be experienced. They tend to take us to the world that we haven't explored before. They have the power to shape one's life hence, the importance of reading books cannot be ignored.

Importance of Reading Books

Here are some of the benefits of reading books:
1. Source of Information: Books are a great source of information. They supply more amount of useful information on any subject than one can digest. Such an information will result in knowledge which gives rise to power.

2. They Inspire and Motivate: We all feel paralyzed, low in our life's when things don't go our way. We get disappointed and demotivated because of failures. Self-help/ motivational books serve the purpose of inspiring and motivating the depressed souls.

3. Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment: Reading a book is like watching a movie. You won't get to see the visuals unlike a movie but it puts the reader in a characters shoe and makes the reader visualize the things giving a feeling of a movie.
The Power of your Subconscious Mind
4. Reduces Boredom: Books are the best way to avoid boredom. If you ever feel bored and doesn't know what to do then you need to pick a book of your choice and start flicking the pages. They not only reduce boredom but makes you fall in love with reading.

5. Improves Vocabulary: There seems to be a correlation between reading and vocabulary. Your vocabulary tends to improve as your read more. You'll start building your own "Oxford Dictionary" in your brain as your read more.

6. Mental Peace: Advancement in technology has brought too much of clutter in people's life. People are craving for mental peace. Some people exercise, some do yoga and some read good books to escape from the cluttered life.

7. Improves One's Thinking Capability: Specially fiction books tend to make a reader do a lot of thinking. They have to think and visualize as to what the writer is communicating through his writing. Most of the readers usually tend to put themselves in characters shoe as they begin to read. Physically they will be on a couch reading but mentally they'll be fighting with a tiger in a zoo.

8. Respected by Others: A good reader understands the benefit of reading books. He's respected by others and people tend to be in his company because of his knowledge.

If you aren't a regular reader​ then you are missing all the importance of reading books.